Better Drug Test

  • Dignity and Convenience
  • No observation
  • No lab visit

6 Reasons We Are Better

Irrefutable identity confirmation

by linking bio-markers in saliva to bio-markers in urine.


our process eliminates the need for an observed collection.


our test can be taken anywhere, anytime.


we test for over 100 substances with longer lookback windows.


our process provides accuracy unmatched by other tests

HIPAA compliant portal

with secure client management features

Better Drug Test, our mission is simple yet profound

To ensure that drug testing is conducted with dignity, accuracy, and convenience, all while helping people improve their lives and fostering a healthier drug free future.

We love the convenience that Better Drug Test products provide for our clients so they can test in the privacy of their own homes.  The results come quickly and I can always ask for clarification if I don't understand something in the report.  The reliability of the tests brings peace of mind to our company, clients, and their family members.  

Tiffany Neibaur

Working with Better Drug Test, for our drug testing services, has been a great experience. The testing process has been easy to understand and access due to the large panel of substances tested for and the explanations and lay out of the results form and customer portal. The part I appreciate most, however, is the prompt and expert customer support around testing results and the variables that can occur between cut offs, prescriptions, and illicit levels.

Jeremy V.

We absolutely love working with Better Drug Test and believe it is the best drug testing company out there. Their customer service is unparalleled and the tests are the most accurate and foolproof available.

Jenny Finley
Family Centered Services and Interventions

Better Drug Test has been an extremely valuable asset as a testing and monitoring resource for SilverBell Global. The ability to manage clients’ orders, testing schedules, and view results from the client portal makes the process very streamlined and efficient. Our clients appreciate the dignity, convenience and privacy that home testing provides and the results are both accurate and timely.

Natasha Silver Bell
Founder and CEO - Silver bell Global
About Us

Our team consists of dedicated professionals and individuals many in long-term recovery who understand the importance of dignity and accuracy in testing. Our commitment is to offer a Better Drug Test option accessible to anyone nationwide.

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